Biography Michael List was born in Vienna in 1981. In 2007 he graduated from Vienna University of Economics and Business. Although his studies required a lot of time and dedication, Michael had been fascinated by film and photography ever since his childhood, so he has spent much time with his camera over the course of the last years. In 2009 Michael won the Viennergy Photorallye by convincing the jury (amongst them famous Austrian photographer Manfred Baumann) of his creative work.Now Michael has decided to focus on photography in a more professional way. Although he loves all aspects of photography, he now makes People Photography his priority. In 2010 he won the Viennergy Photorallye again.Michael tries to add something special to his work making every picture a sinful journey. In the past Michael has worked primarily with people he has been knowing for a long time but for future work he is looking for new models        2011 Michael List, all rights reserved impressum Michael List Photography